Hello world! Onbashira Toki!

Onbashira is divided into into two parts, Satobiki and Yamadashi, taking place in May and April . Yamadashi includes hauling the logs, each of which may weigh up to 10 tons and need cutting down. The logs are used by ropes and pulled up by teams of guys to the tops of mountains and then ridden down another side. Satobiki, the second section, is a ceremonial lifting event where participants sing as each is hoisted into the air and ride atop the logs. Participants of both events are often injured and sometimes killed, but despite the apparent dangers the tone of Onbashira is rather gay with lots of brilliant costumes, music, and singing.

I’ll be damned if I’m┬áleaving this place because of a log. Gigantic or not.

Via colossal.

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