Regular cigarettes have more cancer-inducing chemicals then e-liquid based cigarettes

New research shows that smokers that turn to e-cig get lower cancer-causing compounds but they are exposed to the same number of nicotine.

An electronic cigarette or electronic cigarette is a hand-held electronic device that vaporizes a flavored liquid, which the user inhales. Since their entrance into the market in 2004, global usage of e-cigarettes has risen exponentially and by 2013, there were several million users internationally.

The main reasons for electronic cigarette use frequently associate to stopping smoking and diversion. During a US 2013 survey, 56% of respondents reported having used cigarettes to discontinue or reduce their smoking.

Regrettably, the local convenience store typically displays advertisements for e-cigarettes and tobacco products. Because the products like cigarillos, chew and e-cigarettes are usually equipped with bright packages like candies and chewing gum they tend to be very appealing for kids.

Moreover, being put on the counter or near sweets and having distinct flavors, like cherry strawberry and banana split they can be believed to affect consumption among minors.

There isn’t any surprise, so their products get a place where they’ll be readily seen that tobacco companies pay big money.

The recent study shown that people that quit smoking tobacco smokes and replacement completely with e-cigarettes may reduce their exposure to many cancer-causing substances.

The researchers then checked for 17 biomarkers of toxins and amounts of nicotine in their pee and carcinogens.

Researchers considered that the declines were comparable to individuals who quit smoking. Nonetheless, during the analysis, the nicotine levels stayed the same.

The author of the study considers that e-cigarette use when completely replacing the tobacco products, may effectively reduce exposure to hazardous and carcinogenic substances. However, more studies must be run to see whether the danger of disease is decreased among double users -those who both vape and smoke – and individuals who use cigarette for a very long time.

Dividend stocks – 5 reasons to invest

Dividend stocks are a great means for many, many individuals to generate secure, passive income that enable them to retire financially free and will grow in time.

If you not convinced and you think dividend investing is boring, (we encourage you to read the article at to change your mind), not too fast, and can’t give you the highest return on your investment, then consider the following 5 reasons why you still ought to purchase dividend stocks.

#1 Dividend Stocks Additionally Give the Finest Capital Gains
A lot of times, investors have the understanding that dividend stocks produce hardly any capital gains and have slow growth. The best dividend stocks can also be the best capital gainers.

From 1972-2013, Ned Davis Research did a study on the S&P 500. They discovered stocks that grew their dividends over time tended to outperform the rest of the index in terms of growth. Every $100 invested in dividend growth stocks grew to $5,997. Compare this to only $264 for non-dividend payers.

#2 Dividend Stocks Have Less Hazard
In other words, you stand to make a return that is higher while confronting lower risk. You no longer have to subscribe to the idea that “higher danger equals higher return”.

Dividend growers give the highest annualized yields. Lower volatility is meant by a lower standard deviation, and your yields are less unstable. So if you’re the form that doesn’t have the rollercoaster ride which is the stock market occasionally, dividend stocks are definitely your cup of tea.

#3 Receive Secure Passive Income All the Time
We’ve already proved it’s easy to see why and that dividend growers may give the best yields while having the lowest risk: dividend stocks that are great will pay your dividends to you every single time, regardless of how the stock market moves up or down. And the greatest ones will pay you a dividend that is growing.

So it doesn’t matter if stock market bubble burst is initiated by China or if Greece will or will not depart the Eurozone, as long as you hold on to your own stock. You know that you will receive your dividends on time like clockwork each and every year.

So if your fiscal demands need you to generate passive income that is secure from your investments regularly, then dividend stocks satisfy your needs exceptionally good.

# 4 Reinvesting Your Dividends Gives You Supercharged Returns
It’s already wonderful enough that dividend stocks give you great returns, lower risk, and passive income that is stable. If you can afford to wait for a while, delay spending your dividends today. That way, you can reinvest your dividends and supercharge your investment yields:

But if you reinvested your dividends, your entire gain would be 16,797 – a return 8,400% higher! Incredible.

Investors consistently discuss the power of compound interest if you just follow the simple rule today of reinvesting your dividends and in this case, the effect is dramatically apparent.

#5 Invest in the Best Businesses in the World
Ultimately, investing in stocks that pay you steady and growing your dividends every year also means you’re investing in some of the very best businesses on the planet.

Why is this then?

The logic is straightforward. If a business can consistently pay a growing dividend year after year to you, it means the firm is also able to generate higher earnings, higher profit and, most of all, higher cash flow to keep up its dividend increase. And only the best companies on earth with the most successful business models can do that each and every year.

A list of dividend stocks at shows that some companies have increased their dividends consistently. Every year. For at least the last 25 years. This includes some of the best and many successful businesses like 3M, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble. The top business on this particular list, Diebold, Inc., have increased its dividends every year for 61 years direct. Amazing.

The verdict.
As you can see, dividend stocks are amazing investments – they offer high yields, lower-risk, stable income that is passive, and you can sleep at night knowing your money is parked with some of the strongest and most resistant firms in the world.

At the same time, we don’t advocate you purchase a stock just because it pays you a high dividend. This is probably the most common error hobbyist income investors consistently make. There’s a LOT more investigation to be done before it is possible to identify an excellent dividend stock that’s not only able to pay high dividends but also have a dividend that’s sustainable and will continue to grow dividends many years (or decades) down the road.

Educate Yourself About Search Engine Optimization With These Tips

SEO (also called Search Engine Optimization) and buying backlinks is an essential part of running any website which is looking to create more traffic. It’s also considered an artwork which is hard to master because there are a wide variety of search engines using different search algorithms which you must account for. Nevertheless, you will find hints and tricks that can make search engine optimization simpler to comprehend and use.
As you start to learn about SEO, you’ll run across terms like frames. Should you have frames on your website, be sure to even have a couple of pages offering “no frames” content.
Patience is a virtue in SEO. You will not see any immediate gratification of your work. The newer you’re to the company, the more it’ll be for one to get the hang of things.
Before beginning, research your keywords. When creating your site, figure out what key words you should give attention to. If you make an effort to do research and pay attention to your page stats, you’ll better understand what kinds of content people are searching for. After that, you can use those terms to raise your rankings through search engine marketing.
Picture yourself in the shoes of anyone seeking for the site or merchandise. Put yourself in their scenario. After you are able to picture this, try using some key words that folks would use to search for your particular merchandise website. This will help boost your SEO.
Get to the point with key words. Most searches are usually two or three words tops, and if your keywords are more than that, maybe you are harder to see. Thus, if you’re able to remove unneeded words, get it done! Your aim would be to be seen by as numerous individuals as possible, not describe everything you do in the keywords.
Analyze the demographics of your intended audience, and learn where they search. Not only to you should contemplate the search engines themselves. Additionally it is significantly helpful should you be optimizing for the folks searching for advice in your market.
By mindful and mindful tweaking of website content and page tags, webmasters can significantly foster their sites’ position on search engine results pages. It is necessary which they earn these preferred standings, though.
While you should use keywords for the website, don’t fill your website to the brim with key words. Search engines for example google have complex system that can determine between an ordinary sentence typed by a person and a sentence filled with a lot of key words that it feels manufactured. The more human and realistic your content seems, the better the odds are that it’ll reach a higher ranking in the SERP.
It’s mandatory that you remember the search engine optimization is an activity that takes some time to get an expression of gratification from. When you make an effort to raise your visibility, your website is not going to start getting visitors immediately.
Getting the site listed by Google and other search engines will ensure you more visits. Describe your website with the appropriate keyword.
If your visitors need to understand something or to follow a specific set of directions, ensure you’re supplying these records. Some things you know might be apparent because you understand them, but your customers mightn’t have a hint. Constantly be thorough in your explanations if you need to prevent confusion and a mail box saturated in questions.
Place your keyword phrase in your name tag. Without including that info in the name, it’ll be considerably harder to get clickthroughs onto your website.
While successful use of search engine optimization can be challenging and occasionally appear evasive, it will not mean it’s totally from the reach. Hopefully, this post has shown that it’s a thing that you are able to master and use efficiently. When SEO is correctly used, your site begins to see incredible numbers of traffic!

Hello world! Onbashira Toki!

Onbashira is divided into into two parts, Satobiki and Yamadashi, taking place in May and April . Yamadashi includes hauling the logs, each of which may weigh up to 10 tons and need cutting down. The logs are used by ropes and pulled up by teams of guys to the tops of mountains and then ridden down another side. Satobiki, the second section, is a ceremonial lifting event where participants sing as each is hoisted into the air and ride atop the logs. Participants of both events are often injured and sometimes killed, but despite the apparent dangers the tone of Onbashira is rather gay with lots of brilliant costumes, music, and singing.

I’ll be damned if I’m leaving this place because of a log. Gigantic or not.

Via colossal.